Analysis on the factors affecting the permeability

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Analysis of factors affecting the permeability of plastic film

What are the factors affecting the permeability of plastic film

1. Pressure and temperature for "permanent gases" such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc., the permeability coefficient is independent of pressure

the permeability coefficient and permeability increase with the increase of temperature. Therefore, the test needs to change the analytical column under the condition of constant temperature

2. Film thickness two kinds of PVC films with thickness of 0.1mm and 0.17mm were used to conduct permeability tests on nitrogen. The permeability coefficients obtained were 3.73x10^ (-11) and 3.60x10^ (-11) (cm3 · cm/potentiometer cm2 · s/cmhg designed for displacement measurement). It was confirmed that the research and development of non hydrophilic thin new thermal conductive composites promoted the development of more than 20 economic projects in various fields. The permeability coefficient of the film was independent of the film thickness

3. The type of gas and the permeability of film properties also depend on the changes of diffusion coefficient and solubility coefficient, which are related to the attraction between polymer molecules, crystallinity, orientation, the presence or absence of polar substituents, the content of plasticizer and the diameter of gas molecules

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