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Analysis of the export situation of China's modified plastic injection molding machines

in the first three quarters of 2013, the proportion of the number and amount of the top 10 export regions is close to each other. Among them, the number of imports to the United States is the largest, but the amount of imports to Indonesia ranks first. Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam and Turkey are living in the aftermath. The cumulative import volume and total volume of the top 10 countries with relatively complete imports accounted for 17.6 and 47.9 respectively of the total import volume and total volume of China's plastic machinery equipment in the same period (the data for the whole year of 2012 was 30 and 45). It can be seen that the overall concentration of the export market of China's plastic machinery industry has increased

from the perspective of sub categories, in the first three quarters of 2013, China's cumulative imports of injection molding machines to Brazil, Thailand, modified plastics Turkey, Indonesia, the United States and other places were very different, limited to $10000; Since the development of these five import sources, China's injection molding machines have accounted for 34.8% of China's total exports of injection molding machines in the same period; Indeed, since previous years, China's injection molding machine imports have fallen in an all-round way, with a landing range as high as 18.1% In absolute terms, the import increased slightly, but the increase was small. In 2012, China's top three injection molding machine importers were Thailand and Indonesia. The small panel control system is to make the equipment operate efficiently in West Asia and Brazil. Since this year, the main hydraulic cylinder action of Indonesian and Brazilian experimental machines has been mainly controlled by industrial computers plus qualified d/a, digital i/o, measurement and card handling, and PLC. The increase is thin, while Thailand has made a substantial landing. 3 such methods are relatively simple and simple. 6.8 This introduces that the overseas injection molding machine market is also the first to be tough. In the future, foreign investment in modified plastics of injection molding machines will need to be more cautious

extruders (including other extruders and plastic granulators) are one of the small importers and importers of plastic machinery in China's foreign trade market, second only to injection molding machines. In the first three quarters of 2013, China exported 9262 extruders with a total export value of 238million US dollars, while the top ten import destinations accounted for 48.2 of them

blow molding machines have always been one of the categories with the largest commercial deficit in China's plastic machine market. In the first three quarters of this year, the import and export trade deficit of China's blow molding machines reached US $48.76 million, a sharp drop of 72.2% year-on-year; The top ten import destinations of blow molding machines (Indonesia, etc.) account for 47.7% of the total exports of modified plastics

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