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Analysis of employment prospects and employment directions of automation major in 2015

automation major has always been one of the hot majors, which is one of the majors favored by many men of science and engineering. It is also the trend of today's scientific and technological development. Especially with the popularity of the robot industry, automation major is favored by people. It is expected that in a few years' time, the number of industrial robots in China will reach the world's first level, which has also ignited the upsurge of people's enthusiasm for automation. Here is an analysis of the employment prospects and employment direction of automation in 2015

according to the employment status of this specialty in 2014 released by the Ministry of education, the automation specialty continues to stretch the standard tensile specimen with the tensile testing machine at the speed specified in the gb/t228 (2) 002 standard. The employment range of ordinary undergraduate colleges is a-, and the employment rate is 90%, and the initial employment rate of undergraduate graduates for three consecutive years is between 85% and 90%

at present, the employment direction of automation major mainly includes technology research and development companies, scientific research institutes, design units, communication systems, iron and steel enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises, railways, chemical industry, aviation, customs, taxation, industry and commerce, foreign trade, colleges and universities, government and science and technology departments. With the continuous popularization of automation products, the application of intelligent buildings and smart homes, the continuous development of intelligent transportation, and the introduction of intelligent robots and other products, the social demand for this professional talent will continue to increase, with broader employment prospects and more choices

some graduates said that automation is a relatively easy major to find a job. As long as it is not too selective, employment is generally not a problem. However, the early salary of undergraduate course is generally not high, most of which are about 4000 yuan. After a few years, you can be admitted to intermediate engineer or senior engineer. If the technology is in place, the treatment will be greatly improved. This major depends on technology. Practical operation ability is very important. We should lay a good foundation at school. After graduation, we should seize the time to learn more technology in practice! In this way, we can strive for a broader development platform and play space for ourselves in the future

the employment of automation is quite wide. The China Polyurethane Industry Association and 11 leading enterprises in the polyurethane insulation industry have issued a self-discipline proposal, which can go to any engineering field. If you like digital electricity and analog electricity, then you are suitable for integrated circuit design and chip design. It belongs to electronic information talents. A considerable number of enterprises and enterprises such as Rockwell and Siemens are employed in Zhongguancun

generally speaking, the employment prospect of automation is very good. Moreover, it can also turn to automation, and the electric stroke can be changed in the direction of 600 (00mm). This major has both strong and weak electricity. Because it mainly studies the system. The major subjects are circuit, mathematical electronics, analog electronics, control system, classical control theory, modern control theory, microcomputer control theory, motor drive, PLC, power supply of power plant, single chip microcomputer, etc

the best direction of automation employment is the electric power bureau. Good welfare and high treatment. Then there is the Design Institute, whose work is relatively easy. The most difficult is the Engineering Bureau. Because we have to run around with the project site. But the salary is not low. In short, learning automation well and going all over the world are not afraid! Any field is a place for you to develop your ambitions! As the most basic engineering in the engineering field, no enterprise can lack automation professionals

employment direction:

1. Robot companies (there is a great demand for this now)

2 Software development (especially SCM or EDA)

3. Product design, that is, hardware circuit design

4. Plc/dcs/sis (industrial control direction, building operation platforms, mainly for large and small chemical plants, as well as major system integration manufacturers)

5. Various mines, or metal smelting sites (maintenance and operation of automatic equipment)

6. Go to school as a teacher

7 Do sales work (specializing in selling things related to your major)

8. Civil servants, every major can

strive to greatly reduce the consumption of food and packaging materials under the condition of meeting food safety

9. Research institutes of electrical and computer (such as Zhejiang Yangtze River Delta Research Institute of Tsinghua University)

in short, with the increasing expansion of the application field of automation technology in the future, The demand for this professional talent will continue to increase, and automation graduates will also find an ideal position to give full play to their expertise in all fields of social life and all links of economic development with the help of the wide application of this technology

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