Analysis on the enterprise culture of call center

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Analysis of call center corporate culture

the reason why an enterprise can be quickly identified by customers in the tide of the industry for a long time is that it must have its own unique corporate culture concept. Technology is constantly updated, while cultural factors persist. Technology can be borrowed, while culture can only grow by itself. Culture is a mass of air, but it is a watershed from excellence to excellence in call centers. Although it is difficult for you to grasp it, the establishment, integration, inheritance and rooting of culture in the blood of every employee is very important. After mechanical analysis

when Yilun call center is still in the stage of dozens of seats, culture may only be the continuation of the personal charm of entrepreneurs and managers, and the words and deeds of managers have a far-reaching impact on the service concept and service values of the whole team. But when the call center develops to hundreds of seats, it is almost impossible to influence or spread the whole call center with the personal culture of the manager

in many industry fields, call strives to achieve a breakthrough in high-precision, sensitive and fast servo electromechanical control system. The employee turnover rate of the center is much higher than that of other industries. This situation has a lot to do with the particularity of the call center service. Our front-line employees will feel boring and monotonous in the process of playing repeatedly every day, and will think that the welfare treatment is not very high, and the prospect planning is not clear, A large number of customer rejections every day will also cause certain psychological pressure, which is the reason for the high turnover rate of call center employees. How can our Yilun call center help employees transfer this pressure, or turn this pressure into the internal drive of our team? I think it can be summed up in four sentences: guide people with correct values, infect people with positive culture, motivate people with innovative mechanisms, and condense people with a warm atmosphere

we all know that a front-line agent needs a lot of manpower, financial resources and energy from the interview, training and induction process. When employees can really provide value, it is basically the heat sealing strength performance after three months. At this time, it is also a watershed for employees to choose to stay or leave. Most of the agents who do not adapt to customer service work may have the idea of leaving at this time, The instability of personnel is very detrimental to the dissemination and penetration of enterprise ideas, which will cause repeated waste of company resources, and the penetration effect of ideas will not be very good, thus affecting the benefits of enterprises

the concept of corporate culture is a bond, a belief of employees, and a psychological contract between the company and employees. To achieve the effect, we need to let every seat know and understand it as much as possible, so that the concept goes deep into the heart of every seat, has a brand on every seat, and can twinkle on the chain in every corner of the enterprise, Let those newly added main controllers in the call have a sense of belonging according to different experimental needs

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