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The application of Kinco servo in the flat mouth cold cutting bag making machine (Part 1)


the servo solution of automatic plastic bag sealing and cutting machine is a special servo control solution launched by stepping technology for the current situation of domestic bag making machine. It has been successful in a domestic bag making machine equipment company. It should be widely used in the fields of automobile, electronics and chemical engineering, and can be used in the cold cutting machine, It can be used on the hot cutting machine with a little change. The scheme adopts Kinco servo motor, eview touch screen (or md204l) and PLC. The high-speed start and stop performance of the servo is used for bag making and positioning, which simplifies the mechanical mechanism and solves the problems of the old machinery, such as slow speed, low positioning accuracy and waste of materials. The so-called cupping experiment is to use a steel ball or spherical punch point with a certain specification. The application of eview touch screen is very important for production, so the relaxation testing machine is particularly important for statistics and monitoring, so that users can see the production status at a glance, which is convenient for customers to use and maintain. For different customers, stepping technology can provide a variety of economic solutions

II process description

mixed buffer (HC) performance film is applicable to the high-pressure utilization of products with long transportation or storage cycle

the whole bag making process is mainly divided into three parts: knife lifting, positioning and sealing. The sealing cutter is driven by the main motor through deceleration to carry out circular knife lifting and sealing. The servo system drives the pressing roller for positioning, and the color code electric eye tracks the color code

1. power on the system

first adjust the temperature gauge, control the equipment to adjust the temperature of the sealing knife to make the temperature of the sealing knife meet the needs of heat sealing, and manually adjust the position of the mechanical connecting rod to make the cutting knife align with the current cutting position. According to the bag length, first adjust the frequency of the frequency converter to a lower frequency. If the bag is made with color code, the color code sensor shall also be adjusted so that it can sense the change of color code, and then it shall be placed 2 ~ 3mm in front of the color code

2. manufacturing steps

rotate the start switch, the frequency converter drives the motor to move, the sealing cutter moves up and down with the mechanical connecting rod, and with the lifting of the sealing cutter, the servo starts to drive the pressing roller for positioning, and the positioning ends (if the color code bag is manufactured, after the positioning starts, the color code is detected, the servo stops, and the positioning ends), the sealing cutter moves downward for sealing and cutting, and the electromagnet moves upward for drilling, At this point, a complete bag making process is over. If the color code bag is made, after the positioning starts, the color code is detected, the servo stops and the positioning ends

three function descriptions

1. fixed length sealing and cutting of white bags

2. tracking color code sealing and cutting

3. color code tracking alarm shutdown

4. indication and delay after the completion of mass production

5. send out a bag after startup (to prevent defective products from being sealed twice)

6. production quantity statistics and zero clearing

four system control principle

the system is composed of PLC, touch screen, frequency converter and servo system.The, PLC carries out logic and other related control on the whole control system. The touch screen is connected with PLC to carry out production related data statistics. The frequency converter drives the main motor to drive the sealing cutter to move up and down after deceleration. The servo system carries out material positioning

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