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Led cinema, security control, outdoor display screen and other applications have helped to accumulate Q2 performance.

led driven IC plants have accumulated. Previously, affected by Sino US trade frictions, mainland customers' pull for goods has slowed down, but since 2019, customers' pull for goods is gradually warming up. The legal person is optimistic that the shipment volume has been steadily recovering since March. It is expected that the second quarter will benefit from the return of goods from three major applications, such as LED cinema, security control and outdoor small spacing LED display, which will drive the continuous growth of performance

accumulation announced that in February 2019, the consolidated revenue was 199million yuan (Note: New Taiwan dollar, the same below). The reduction value of bamboo powder became relatively flat, with a significant growth of 24.5% compared with the same period in 2018. The cumulative consolidated revenue in the first two months of 2019 increased by 2.91% annually, rewriting the record high performance in the same period in history. The legal person pointed out that at present, the strength of customers in the mainland and South Korea to pull goods has gradually returned to warm up, driving the growth of performance. Shanxi Aluminum Plant will take the project commencement as an opportunity

the legal person said that accumulation in 2019 is expected to focus on LED cinemas, safety monitoring and outdoor small spacing LEDs, so high-resolution extension is necessary; Large deformation measurement system: it is selected when calculating the fracture tensile strain; Fixture: it is recommended to use mechanical wedge fixture or pneumatic flat push fixture for plastic tensile test The three major applications, such as display screen, have grown synchronously and become the main driving force to promote performance growth. Among them, led cinemas mainly attack the HDR high-quality market. It is expected that the annual growth rate of shipments in 2019 will exceed 100%, which means that shipments are expected to double and grow

as for the security monitoring market, Jiji aims at the closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitoring system and video monitoring equipment, and is expected to simplify the cost development by simplifying the PCB layout design. The legal person said that the products accumulated in this market are mainly led driven IC products with ultra-small spacing, and it is estimated that the shipment in 2019 will be 4. 5% Polyphenylene oxide: with high heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, the amount is expected to increase by 50% annually

finally, there is the outdoor small spacing LED display. This field is a market that has accumulated for a long time. Previously, it was subject to price cutting competition in Chinese Mainland, which greatly affected the performance of accumulated gross profit margin. However, with the accumulation changing to medium and high-level fields, the gross profit margin has also rapidly recovered. The legal person pointed out that in 2019, Jiji will focus on small spacing LED drive IC with high gray-scale display and high refresh rate, and the shipment volume will have the opportunity to reach the level of 20% compared with 2018

in fact, due to the impact of Sino US trade frictions in the second half of 2018 on the momentum of mainland customers' cargo sales, the consolidated revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018 decreased by 21.6% to 640million yuan, which was not as good as the expected performance of legal persons. However, it has recovered with the shipment of Korean and mainland customers. The legal person is optimistic. The accumulated performance has the opportunity to climb steadily since March. In addition, the shipment of new products in three major fields continues to rush. The performance in 2019 is expected to be optimistic

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