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Application of laser welding on Volkswagen Polo

laser welding technology is an automobile body manufacturing technology mentioned by Shanghai Volkswagen for many times

in the product series of Shanghai Volkswagen, the products with laser welding on the body include Passat, polo and touan. The laser welding length of Passat car body is about 4.1m, that of polo is nearly 6.6m, and that of touan car body is 41m

the reason why Shanghai Volkswagen regards laser welding technology as one of the selling points of its products is that compared with the traditional spot welding, the company has said that laser welding can greatly improve the rigidity of the car body and make the overall structure of the car body more solid

from the manufacturer's point of view, the traditional spot welding needs to overlap the welded two parts, which virtually increases the consumption of steel. In addition, there is discontinuity in spot welding, and the bonding area of plates is obviously less than that of continuous laser welding, which reduces the stiffness of the car body (compared with laser welding)

laser welding can realize the combination of steel molecular layer, and the other two steel plates are combined into a whole steel plate, thus increasing the bonding strength, eliminating the gap between plates and avoiding friction. Laser welding also has continuity. Traditional spot welding is composed of multiple welding points, which will produce leakage points. However, the weld formed by laser welding is firm and continuous without leakage points. Other advantages of laser welding are that it can reduce the amount of materials, improve the dimensional accuracy and reduce the cost, etc. (the view that laser welding will increase the cost in the past is one-sided)

laser welding applied to Polo car body

in the body structure of polo car, the length of laser welding exceeds that of Passat. The main application parts are divided into top cover and side wall, bottom plate and side wall, door frame, etc. The longest laser welding is the welding of the top cover and the body side panel, with a length of 1.7m. The traditional spot welding has the problem of water leakage in the roof weld in rainy days, so it is necessary to install a rubber sealing strip to solve the water leakage problem, while Polo using laser welding technology eliminates the rubber sealing strip and the water leakage problem caused by poor assembly quality. In the process of laser welding, Shanghai Volkswagen also uses weld tracking, defect detection and other processes to ensure the welding accuracy and quality

polo is the highest selling price among all products of the same level, but Polo is also the highest in terms of scientific and technological content. Under normal use, it is difficult for consumers to perceive the benefits of laser welding. However, at a critical juncture related to life safety, high-tech car bodies can increase the weight of survival for owners

2011 new polo

the car integrates the latest technical achievements of Volkswagen Group in the field of safety. The omni-directional airbag, pre tightening force limiting safety belt and works safety headrest multiply the safety factor. The application of technologies such as thermoforming AB column process, laser welding of main structure and high tension steel plate also greatly improves the rigidity of the car body. The car body structure adopts the world's top thermoforming process, laser welding and other technologies, To achieve a very high safety effect by taking the road of new type film blowing machinery manufacturing

hot forming AB column process: the new poloa column and B column adopt hot forming process, with extremely high yield strength, times higher than ordinary high-strength steel plate, and lighter weight. This optimized process ensures that the urgency of reducing the external dependence of core key materials is becoming more and more prominent. After a side impact, the body does not exceed the deformation requirements, absorbs energy as much as possible, and ensures the safety of drivers and passengers. In the event of rollover and other accidents, it also creates a greater living space for drivers and passengers

laser welding of main structure: the new polo, including the roof, left and right side walls and other main structures, adopts laser welding, trying to create a solid and tight body. The roof has no welds, and the strength of the body is 30% higher than that of the traditional spot welding. Among the cars of the same level, it is enough to stand out among the others, greatly improving the safety of the whole vehicle and realizing safe protection. Laser welding greatly improves the combination accuracy of the vehicle, reduces the deformation of the body in the motion form, and greatly ensures the driving comfort and stability. At the same time, the roof has no welds, which makes the appearance smoother and increases the streamline visual effect of the body

lightweight and high rigidity body: 55% of the steel plates of the new Polo are high tension steel plates. This kind of steel plate is made by adding silicon, manganese, niobium, titanium and other elements on the basis of the original steel, and is processed through special processes. On the premise of ensuring high rigidity, the quality of the whole vehicle is significantly reduced, which is safe and can also achieve excellent fuel consumption performance. Both the inner and outer door panels of the door and the side wall panels of the vehicle are formed by one-time stamping. The key components are not spliced. The overall structural strength has the polymer barrier of poly (aryl ether ketone) (peak), which is a class 1 phenylene ring connected by ether bond and carbonyl group. The safety is naturally more reliable. The new Polo adopts the cavity wax injection and 12-year anti-corrosion technology that Shanghai Volkswagen is proud of. 85% of the steel of the whole car is galvanized on both sides, which can effectively prevent corrosion. The car is durable, and has a strong guarantee for safety and handling

in the model of the new polo, a German high-quality car, the process style of Shanghai Volkswagen has been fully reflected. A number of active and passive safety measures of the whole car have made its safety performance superior to many cars of the same level. It can be called a real steel cannon. The new Polo provides the drivers with the most meticulous care and makes the car owners deeply feel the intimate care of Shanghai Volkswagen Polo brand for cherishing life. It is believed that the new Polo will win the favor of many consumers and continue to lead the A0 car market. (end)

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