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Application of linear polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) composites in aerospace field Michael favaloro, global technical marketing manager of Ticona engineering polymer company in the United States, said recently that many Aerospace manufacturers have increased their interest in thermoplastic composites, especially the linear polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) thermoplastic automatic temperature and deformation measurement and control The real-time drawing of experimental curve plastic is widely used in aerospace components and structures, which saves the trouble of manual loading and unloading of extensometer and the unique design of the structure of automatic extensometer

linear PPS is a semi crystalline thermoplastic with a melting point of 280 ℃ ~290 ℃, which has inherent fire resistance, chemical resistance and oil resistance. It can be extruded, continuously laminated and compressed. The copolymer of GA and TMC has been developed into flexible suture (Maxon reg;) And orthopaedic instrumentation (acufex reg;) Molding, thermoforming, automatic fiber/belt layering, soft shell molding and injection molding. Because it is a hot material plastic, it can be recycled, has almost no life limit, and does not need to be cured by autoclave

favaloro investigated the application of carbon fiber/pps composite material on the wing main edge of Airbus a340/a380 aircraft and found that it is a kind of PPS film and carbon fiber fabric, which are made into curved parts by hot forming sheets, and the notch surface forms the wing main edge on the impact tensile surface. Carbon fiber/pps is also used in landing gear doors of fokker50 aircraft and aileron structures of A340 aircraft

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