The 17th Guangzhou Construction Expo came to a suc

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Recently, haiikea functional diatom mud team just returned from the 17th Guangzhou Construction Expo. At this Construction Expo, haiikea diatom mud successfully attracted another group of franchise agents with its unique style and simple and generous exhibition hall design, and some customers signed a cooperation agreement on the spot. The achievements of haiikea in Guangzhou Construction Expo have greatly enhanced the marketing power of the whole brand

in this exhibition, the unique five color printing and three color printing of haiikea diatom mud attracted many exhibitors. The layout of the exhibition hall combines the overall decorative effect, integrates the harmonious and natural tone, and cooperates with the characteristics of a variety of fashion elements, so that the whole exhibition hall environment appears elegant, fashionable and natural, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling. On site, the company's regional managers answered questions and doubts for each guest professionally, used samples for on-site demonstrations, and discussed the development status and prospects of environmental friendly and healthy wall materials with customers, which won the enthusiastic response of the majority of exhibitors and continued to sign orders

4-day Construction Expo, the team of haiikea received more than 1000 people, and the number of contracted dealers was leading in the industry. Such impressive achievements laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of haiikea diatom mud in the past two years. Next, haiikea will carry out all-round reform according to market demand to bring more humanized, artistic, healthy and environmental friendly home decoration products to the industry and consumers





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