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On January 3, 2019, the 2018 first Yangming prize annual award ceremony was grandly opened in Shaoxing, the hometown of Wang Yangming and the hometown of wall cloth. Mr. Gao Zhiliang, chairman of qinxiu wall cloth, was invited to attend the conference

on January 3, 2019, the 2018 annual award ceremony of the first Yangming award was grandly opened in Shaoxing, the hometown of Wang Yangming and the hometown of wall cloth. The conference was hosted by Zhejiang Youwei culture, media and Culture Co., Ltd. (Tencent home), and the industry masters and elites attended the summit. Mr. gaozhiliang, chairman of Qin embroidery wallcovering, was invited to attend this conference to exchange and discuss with all the major players in the industry, solve the difficult problems existing in the current wallcovering industry, and jointly seek a new direction and mode of industry development

the origin of the establishment of the Yangming award

in the past decade, the wall fabric industry has developed rapidly. Since the appearance of seamless wallcovering in 2008, the wallcovering industry has gradually matured. During this period, a number of excellent wall fabric enterprises also emerged, daring to explore and innovate, and making great contributions to promoting the development of the wall fabric industry. Youwei cultural media, together with Tencent home and Pacific home, launched the establishment of the "Yangming Award" to create an "Oscar" in the wall fabric industry

Qin embroidery wall cloth has always attached importance to product research and development and innovation, launched a series of brilliant new products, created a comfortable life style specifically belonging to Qin embroidery style, continuously improved the after-sales tracking service of products, paid attention to the product experience of consumers, and continuously provided rich and excellent products for the consumer market, which has been unanimously recognized by consumers, dealers and the industry. Good news has been reported frequently, and the grand ceremony has been crowned, It has been rated as one of the "top ten brands of Chinese wall coverings" and "consumer favorite brands", creating new peaks one after another

Qin embroidery was selected as one of the top 100 enterprises in the wallpaper industry

Qin embroidery was selected as a consumer trusted brand

Tencent home recommended brand

outstanding person award in the wallpaper industry

wonderful review

the Secretary General of the wallpaper and wallpaper branch of China Architectural Decoration Association discussed and studied the current situation and problems of the wallpaper and wallpaper industry with everyone present, Together with many excellent entrepreneurs present, we are looking for a new direction for the future of wallpaper and wallpaper industry

Mr. zhangxiaojun, President of Shaoxing WangYangming Research Association, explained Wang Yangming's biography and the combination of Yangming spirit and enterprise spirit. Among them, he mentioned that an enterprise must be connected with the hearts and minds of consumers in the development process, and take the needs of consumers as the development goal of the enterprise. Do not use price war or low quality as a means of competition

a wonderful speech by Mr. Deng Di, director of the MBA program of the school of management of Jinan University, who explained the market segments in detail from multiple convenient angles. At the same time, he also cut into the practical development of the wall fabric industry. His wonderful speech has a great inspiration for the development of this industry

the in-depth debate of "the wonderful theory of soft clothing" focuses on a major innovation faced by the industry, and whether the integration of soft clothing is a nirvana or an abyss. The pros and cons on the stage also had a heated debate. The views generated through the collision of ideas will certainly trigger more thinking of colleagues in the wall fabric industry

Qin embroidery has always been committed to providing "the best products, the best design and the best service", unswervingly following the brand development route, integrating Eastern and Western cultures, listening to users' needs, and safeguarding an environmental and safe home environment

the growth of Qin embroidery depends on the growth of every Qin embroidery family. Qinxiu insists on growing up with her family and strives to provide technical and marketing training for dealers, helping dealers improve their business, management and brand building capabilities. 2019 is a good time to roll up your sleeves, get motivated and move forward bravely

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