Personalized villa design with color mix and match

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Although the architectural style is established, Chai Zhiqing doesn't want to be too modular in the design of interior space. After all, the interior space is entirely its own, and more personalized creation and color may make the space more livable. The high atrium makes the living room spacious and atmospheric, and the sun shines into the room from the zenith

in the restaurant, modernist paintings have become the most outstanding decoration. Tablecloths, glass vases, hemp dining chairs, and items with different textures are naturally combined here. We can find a variety of styles and design elements in this home. American style, pastoral style, and even Chinese traditional and abstract modern ones are reasonably kneaded together. Freedom and freedom are the most impressive things this home gives us

go through the courtyard, walk through a round arch, and come indoors. There is an empty atrium on the first floor, and the sun shines through the skylight on the roof. In the porch, there is a Ming Dynasty chest against the wall, and there is a traditional chest of drawers opposite it. The chest and various decorations on the cabinet also have more or less Chinese traditional elements. Glass, ceramics and other decorations with different textures are combined together, which has a unique flavor

the kitchen is connected with the semi-circular sunshine room. The lighting is good and very transparent. Cooking here is a pleasure. In fact, in terms of hardware, Chai Zhiqing has not made much changes, and almost all the visual conflicts in this style come from various accessories, which makes the space present a dazzling and colorful space image. Most importantly, the designer's coordination and control in color and material make these styles perfectly integrated

the arc-shaped door opening closely connects the two spaces, and the lighting is also quite good. Some discarded paint was used on the wall, and after their own re debugging, a unique color was made. In many places, some waste materials have been renovated and repaired to become more personalized decorations. For example, the long old wood on the second floor is a beam removed from the old house. After re cleaning and painting, it has now become a unique scenery

the bedroom is a typical American style, which is integrated with the architectural style. Also worth mentioning is the master's bathroom. The beige based space is full of light. Marble and ceramic tiles also choose natural texture and luster, which looks luxurious but also approachable. Different from the usual practice, the wall is not tiled, but first primed with beige paint, and then painted with white paint to create free texture. Presumably, this is Chai Zhiqing's personality




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