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In fact, the reasons for the self explosion of some glass curtain walls are actually some problems left over during installation or serious consequences caused by improper use, but the important reason for thousands of reasons is the poor quality of glass

in fact, there are still many reports about the self explosion of glass curtain walls. Many of our users also have many questions about the quality of glass curtain walls. In fact, the cause of the self explosion of some glass curtain walls is actually due to some problems left over during installation or their improper use, which leads to serious consequences. However, the important reason for thousands of reasons is the poor quality of glass. And the most serious thing is the occurrence of injuries caused by broken glass. In the final analysis, we all think that the quality problem of glass is caused by the media, owners and other aspects. Now let me give you a series of explanations

there are also possible reasons for design, transportation, production and installation; Human factors, building subsidence and natural disasters. Such reasons are inevitable, so the causes of self explosion of some ordinary glass are generally like this. Therefore, if there is a problem in any of the above links, there will be self explosion

although there is no way to solve the problem of glass self explosion for the time being, we can do something to reduce the frequency of glass self explosion. Now Xiaobian will sum up why ordinary glass self explosion is serious, because glass is an amorphous structure, and its compression resistance is very strong, but the ability to resist bending and twisting is very weak. We all know that some curtain walls are generally rectangular or curved, Because of some irregular shapes, the glass often receives compression and distortion. In this way, the linked place will receive some pressure or serious distortion, which will lead to some uneven stress on the surface of the glass. In this way, the glass has a relatively fragile point. We also know that the glass generally starts from a relatively fragile point and then explodes continuously, So the reason of glass self explosion is like this

our bridge broken aluminum doors and windows use insulating glass, which is of very good quality. Moreover, the raw sheet of the glass is made of table glass raw sheet material, which has good sealing and air tightness, and can remove a trace of mottled perspective lines. In addition, the insulating glass and aluminum are designed with buffer gaskets around. Because the high-rise wind pressure comes from different fields, this design can effectively prevent the friction contact between insulating glass and aluminum, There is also the integration of production, production, transportation and sales of Duanqiao aluminum, so we rarely encounter some of the above problems. There is also the strong installation team of Duanqiao aluminum, which will not make mistakes in the installation of some materials

the most important thing is that the quality standard of the insulating glass of the broken bridge aluminum door and window is higher than the national standard of flat glass, and the quality is very qualified. Moreover, the broken bridge aluminum door and window glass is a series of characteristics based on some characteristics of the curtain wall, which are basically the integrated shape and production size of the glass. It is a series of measurements carried out in the early stage to directly produce some shapes used by users, Therefore, it avoids the possibility that the glass will bear a lot of pressure. Therefore, the quality of the broken bridge aluminum curtain wall is very good and has been highly praised by the majority of users

the above content is the quality of the glass curtain wall that Xiaobian explained to you. I believe you will have a certain understanding of the broken bridge aluminum glass curtain wall after reading it. If you have anything you don't know, you can contact us




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