NDP candidates say they will close suspicious acti

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NDP candidates say they will close suspicious activity “loophole” and end police street checks - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The NDP candidate for Preston in the upcoming election, Colter Simmonds, met with party leader Gary Burrill and community activist Quentrel Provo in a Cherrybrook playground Saturday to publicly discuss police street checks.

They were joined by Suzy Hansen, the NDP candidate for Halifax–Needham; Angela Downey, the candidate for Hammonds Plains–Lucasville; and Matthew Green, a federal member of parliament for Hamilton Centre in OntarioThe mRNA vaccine technology being used now to figh.

Street checks were banned in Nova Scotia in 2019 following a report by Ontario criminologist Scot Wortley that concluded that while they were authorized under the Nova Scotia Police Act, they put people’s privacy rights at riskThe real sticking point here is likely to be political, Hardcastle said.. Wortley’s report was in response to a CBC investigation that found that Black people and other people of colour are more likely to be stopped or observed and have their information recorded as data both by Halifax Regional Police and the RCMP.

Simmonds, Burrill, and Provo spoke of what they feel to be a “loophole” in the ban with respect to suspicious activity, and say that street checks arecan operate with up to 30 people per group, in fact, still happeningThe festival has been shortened from previous years.

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